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1968/4/1   Xinzhou Printing Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong to launch printing business

2014/12/1  Xinzhou Holdings changed its name to Huajun Holdings Co., Ltd.

2014/11/1  Huajun  Power (China) Co., Ltd. is incorporated and its business scope includes  electrical equipment, hardware, electrical equipment, silicon rods,  silicon ingots, etc.

2015/8/1   Huajun Holdings acquired Ruixin, which is principally engaged in the solar photovoltaic business. A source of diversified business portfolio and new revenue for the Group

2016/1/1   Huajun  Holdings acquired 80,000 square meters of land in Zhenjiang City,  Jiangsu Province, and an area of 60,000 square meters to enrich the  investment portfolio of the real estate sector

2017/4/16 The return of the king, the glory of the city

On  the morning of April 16, the first cross-border e-commerce experience  center of Tianbao New Life Plaza and Yingkou Free Trade Zone was grandly  opened in Huajunwen Business Travel Industrial Park.


Tianbao  New Life Plaza, located in Huajunwen Business Travel Industrial Park,  is one of the leading comprehensive commercial plaza projects in  Liaonan, with a business area of 50,000 square meters. The products sold  are from domestic quality suppliers and the United States, Japan and  Australia. More than 20 countries and regions,  including New Beauty, Law, Southeast Asia, etc., covering more than  100,000 items such as beauty, daily chemicals, food, health products,  maternal and child, fast fashion and fashion, supporting items including  convenience supermarkets, theme catering, Mass-market  KTV, fitness archery, O2O cross-border e-commerce experience flagship  store, home living museum, children's education and entertainment, etc.;
The  project is dedicated to creating high-quality low-cost factory-operated  stores that integrate shopping, clothing, department stores, imported  products, and entertainment in the Yingkou area.
Leaders  from various districts visited the opening ceremony and signed a  strategic cooperation framework agreement with Tianbao New Life Plaza  and Tianbaoyou Global Congrescence and delivered an important speech;


Dozens of manufacturers have signed an agreement with Tianbao New Life Plaza!


After the  self-destruction of Yingkou Free Trade Zone, Zhao Changfu, secretary of  the municipal party committee, pointed out that "the free trade zone is  the advantage, potential and hope of Yingkou development." Yingkou  Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will use the city's  power to build the Yingkou Free Trade Zone test area as the No. 1  project. Grab. Coordinate the development of  free trade zones such as free trade zones, high-tech zones and  comprehensive insurance zones, and form more experience of reform and  pilot reforms that can be replicated and promoted.
The  leaders of the Bayu District District Committee of Yingkou City  attended and delivered speeches. Mr. Meng Guangbao, Chairman of the  Board of Directors of Huajun Group, Ms. Zhang Yanjuan, Chairman of  Huajunwen Business Group, and representatives of various brands and  media colleagues attended the opening ceremony.


It is hard  to imagine that only 6 days ago, on the morning of April 10, the Yingkou  area of the Liaoning Free Trade Zone was officially established. Among  the 113 centralized contracted companies, the slogan of "Returning to  Yingkou and Revitalizing Hometown" The Jun Holdings Group  is particularly eye-catching, and the tens of billions of investment  plans have been unveiled to set up a foothold for the Yingkou Free Trade  Zone; in particular, the Wenshang Tourism Industrial Park, a subsidiary  of Huajunwen Business Travel Group, responded quickly to the  government’s call, within just 6 days. It was  finalized that "Tianbao Youhui Globally purchased cross-border  e-commerce O2O experience flagship store" settled in the main project of  its industrial park "Tianbao•New Life Plaza".
Due  to the price and quality advantages of its exclusive import channel,  Dalian Free Trade Zone and Yingkou Free Trade Zone, Tianbaoyou has  attracted a large number of customers to shop to purchase imported goods  that are difficult to purchase.


The lucky  draw event attracted hundreds of lucky customers to get gold bars, TV,  rice cooker, mobile phone, soybean oil... The gift value of the day was  over 100,000.



We  are very pleased with the smiles on the faces of the award-winning  customers. We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the shoppers, and we  are full of confidence and pride in the project planning, construction,  operation and marketing capabilities of Huajunwen Business Travel Group.
At  the same time, more large and medium-sized enterprises like Huajunwen  Business Travel Group will use the new round of China (Liaoning) Pilot  Free Trade Zone and other policies to break through the waves and  contribute to the revitalization of the Northeast.


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